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Welcome to Infobyd Software Solutions

A unique approach to convert leads to sales

Structure and automate your sales and marketing process withZoho CRM. It provides a set of tools to create, send and collaborate with other teams in real-time effectively, let you send targeted survey campaigns, track the campaigns journeys and get on-budget marketing returns. 

Track mail campaigns, create leads and customer information, and send targeted surveys to the customers, target your qualified audience based on their requirements and more under a single platform. Nurture your leads towards informed decisions and stay up-to-date with each lead.

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Digital Transformation By Infobyd Software Solutions

Zoho CRM


ZOHO CRM can automate daily business activities for all size needs such as small, or large enterprises and as an individual.

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Zoho CRM Expert


Create and design forms, collect and 
manage data, create forms that suit your  
business needs  on  your  own.
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Zoho campaign service provider in India

ZOHO Campaign

Create,  track and send  amazing email campaigns,  view  reports  and  much more with Zoho Campaigns.
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Zoho Specialist

ZOHO Social

A user-friendly social service provides a social media management platform for each kind of business.
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Zoho SalesIQ


Boost your sales with Zoho SalesIQ and support marketing activities on your business platform.

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Zoho SalesIQ service provider

ZOHO Sites

The all-in one website building solution  is  here. With Zoho Sites it inow        easy to create customized websites.
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Zoho marketing hub services in India

ZOHO Marketing Hub

Zoho MarketingHub allows users  to  attract
visitors  to  their  websites  by  understanding their behaviour  and  helps  to  turn  anonymous
leads  into  customers.
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Some Recent Works & Case Studies

Work done by our professionals that involves in-depth research and understanding. 

Printing Management System case study

Printing Management System

CEO Desk System case study

CEO Desk System

Revenue Management case study

CS Revenue Management