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Welcome to Infobyd Software Solutions

PPC Marketing Services That Drive RightTraffic To Your Website

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising platform through which an advertiser pays a publisher every time an advertisement link gets clicked. As PPC management agency & PPC Advertising Agency, it is our responsibility to drive the right amount of traffic through the right audience. We help businesses to set up the campaign with the optimized PPC cost through the years of experience through our PPC strategy.

The advantage of click advertising, or PPC on Google, is that it's unlike impression-based or traditional ads that you simply pay when people click the ads; Instead, you will pay when someone actually clicks on the ad and visits your site.

Get the best PPC price and plans packages to drive the right traffic to your website and get your business in front of the people who matter the most!

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Packages We Offer

Digital Transformation By Infobyd Software Solutions

Standard PPC Packages
Monthly Budget Upto

Setup Fee (One time) - $200

Monthly Fee - Min $150 or 

15% of Monthly Spending*

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Professional PPC Packages
Monthly Budget

Setup Fee (One time) - $350

Monthly Fee - Min $200 or 

12% of Monthly Spending*

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Enterprise PPC Packages
Monthly Budget Above

Setup Fee (One time) - $400

Monthly Fee - Min $250 or 

10% of Monthly Spending*

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