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Isidoro Reyes de Zuloaga

Project Completed

July 18, 2019




CEO Desk is designed for the group of sub ordinates to enter feeds that should be sent to the owner/CEO for the approval. The system helps tracking of the status and allows user to show their status on the basis of data available in the reports.

Problem Statement

While recording data has always been tough through conventional methods like excel sheets, word documents, Open chat box etc, it also does not provide away to manage the data. The interface is not very easy to understand for users who aren't much aware of the technologies and data is also at high risk of being released to unauthorized sources. Following are some of the major problems our client faced:

  • Cluttered or confusing user interface.
  • Redundancy of information.
  • Quite informal way.
  • Hard to pull weekly/monthly/annual reports.
  • Inconvenient way to track conversation.
  • Unable in data tracking.
  • Not very convenient way of storing user's information.
  • Lot of manual work on calculations.
  • Missing resources details.
  • Inability to store user information properly. 
  • Inability to send notification to user about the work progress.
  • Improper task assignment to employees.
  • Too much transparency.
  • Inability to track leaves etc properly.

Solution Implemented

This system is developed completely in Zoho Creator to overcome the above mentioned issues. It includes a very clean, easy to use interface which is much self instructing and serve as a complete system in itself as demanded by the client. Following are some main features of the application:

Information News - Form

On the basis of category, fields available to feed information. On submission, all the details stored in a report.

Customer Portal

A job card on submission sends an email notification to the customer that the job card has been created and their job has been passed to designer to process. Also,the job card report allows creation of job card page which can be printed or saved as pdf for reference.

Future Scope

The application is highly flexible for future addons and has a greater scope of expansion as the business expands.

  • The application is easy to mould and can have fully functional Accounting system inside it.
  • In future, for every user, permission would be set and accordingly will show their current values.
  • As Zoho creator allows flexibility to be integrated with other zoho products,it can further be integrated with Zoho Books, Zoho Expenses, Zoho CRM,Zoho People etc to provide wide variety of solution that can be maintain in each individual product in synchronization with each other.
  • It can also be made available to customer to drop orders online and manage customer enquiries as well.
  • SMS can be integrated to send notification to the customer on completion of every job.
  • The application can further be expanded to allow Customer to track progress of their orders.


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